Like any other game, Cricket also needs lot of practice to excel. Few hours of a real-life game has behind it, at least ten times more efforts spent on nets for practice. During practice, it is not possible for all batsmen to get bowlers bowl for them. Such situations led to the rise of equipment that can replace bowlers at the net and yet provide excellent bowling experience to the player standing on the wickets. In present times, a bowling machine is as important for cricket as is a real bowler.

Types of Cricket Bowling Machines:

Two Wheel Machinary Equipment in Cricket:

These are low cost digital two wheel bowling machines, with side tilt features to create different bowling angles. One can create bowling speed up to 170 kilo meter per hour (kmph) through these machines, with the feature of swing and spin.

Pneumatic Equipment:

These are Tennis ball throwing machines, available in two models. Best suitable for malls, resorts, etc. and makes an amusing tool for fun games. These make very economical bowling machines which can be used for both – personal and commercial use. They can create a speed up to 110 kmph, with easy line and length change. They are light weight and have very less maintenance cost.

Three Wheel Equipment:

These are an up-gradation to two wheel machines and are far superior to the later. They create bounce stimulation, excellent spin and swing bowling action. These bowling machines are equipped with Micro adjustment system for precise line and length change. These bowling machines can generate all variations, achieved through human bowling variations like specialty deliveries such as googly, doosra, flipper, etc.

Bowling Robots:

These are computerized bowling robots, which can calibrate any kind of bowling variations on your own. These are said to be the best bowling machines and can stimulate a real bowler in terms of height. Due to advanced bowling features, they give a batsman variety of bowling experience. It can bowl from 5 feet to 8 feet, thus imitating the bowler of any height.

Advantages of a Bowling Tool:

Having a cricket bowling machine is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it enables you to have a bowling experience in the absence of a bowler, on the other; it minimizes your possibilities of experiencing human bowling. But nevertheless, they are highly in demand for their all time availability and portability. If used with discipline, they help batsmen develop their instant reaction strokes and make a substantial contribution in the making of a batsman.You can also search for a supplier of cricket machine to suffice your thirst of bowling practice.