How to Choose the Best Bowling Equipment

Bowling is a sport that’s enjoyed by millions of people all around the world and has roots that can be traced back to 2,000 years ago. As the sport has evolved over the years, so has the equipment. In fact, many people choose to use high quality bowling balls, shoes and other accessories to maximize their game. Since the type of equipment a person uses can significantly affect their game and determine their score, it’s important to choose the ideal equipment. Following a few guidelines should help with this process while keeping prices relatively affordable.

Bowling Balls

Since bowling balls are the cornerstone of the game, it’s critical to find one that’s an appropriate weight and that has the right cover stock. When it comes to weight, most professionals use 16 lb. balls, but there are a considerable amount that use only 15 lb. balls. However, this weight may be too heavy for some bowlers in which case it’s usually best to choose a weight that is 10% of the bowler’s total weight. If for any reason this weight still feels too heavy, then a bowler should just go with a smaller weight that feels comfortable. Basically, a person should choose the heaviest ball that’s still comfortable to throw.

The next thing to consider is what type of cover stock a bowler wants. This is basically just another name for the type of material that the exterior of a bowling ball has. Perhaps the most basic and cheap material is plastic. This is a no frills type of ball and is best suited for bowlers who simply want to throw the ball straight down the middle of the lane. For bowlers who like to hook the ball in a curved pattern, then it’s smart to go with either a urethane or reactive-resin cover stock. The last type of material is particle which is usually geared toward professional bowlers who understand more advanced ball control techniques.

Bowling Shoes

In addition to the ball, it’s also important to select the best bowling shoes. For bowlers who simply dabble in the sport and aren’t competing on a serious level, it’s usually sufficient to buy bowling shoes that are universal which can be used by both right handed and left handed bowlers. For more serious bowlers, it’s smart to go with high performance pro bowling shoes. These will come in different styles that accommodate people who are either right handed or left handed. Most of these also have slides which can be adjusted depending on the bowler’s needs and the lane surface. While these are more expensive, they can help bowlers improve their game.

Where to Buy

While some bowling shops will have reasonable selections, it’s a good idea to look online for bowling equipment. Usually, there is a more extensive selection and pricing tends to be more affordable. Besides this, it’s sometimes possible to find package deals where a bowler can get all the necessary equipment with one convenient order.